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Extra Strength MSM Cream by Grace Harbor Farms


Extra Strength MSM Cream by Grace Harbor Farms

Grace Harbor Farm all-purpose skin care and pain relief cream is a must for the home, car, and camper. This rich, handcrafted cream can be used as needed for pain relief and to promote healing. Use it for all aches and pains including arthritis pain, joint or muscle injuries, stiffness, soreness, bug bites, burns, scratches, and dry skin. Contains essential oils that are widely used to ease muscle aches in painful joints. These oils are natural antiseptics and antibiotics. MSM is a natural anti-inflammatory. Avoid using close to your eyes.

Essential Oil Healing Properties:

Rosemary--stimulates circulation, opens surface capillaries, is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, clears sinuses, and eases muscle stress

Eucalyptus--used to sooth wounds, asthma, colds and fever is antifungal against Athlete's foot and Candida, and eases muscular aches and pains. It is an insect repellant, soothes burns, and eases breathing.

Peppermint--has an enlivening effect. It is antiseptic, antiviral and antispasmodic. It can relieve headaches and fatigue. It can clear the head and aid concentration.

"Fragrance" Free!

We don't use fragrance oils in anything. This product is made without the essential oils, so it has no aroma.


Because it has no essential oils, we are required to add a chemical preservative. We did our homework and found the least offensive preservative on the market.

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