In 2006 my kids were in school ‘till 4pm and life felt like a curvy mountain pass and all I wanted to do was get on a straight away.

The problem was I didn’t know what I wanted. I enjoyed working alongside my husband Andrew at Blazing Banners; a company we started in 1993. I also loved being there for my kids but they are getting older and their schedules keep them very busy. I just knew there was something else out there for me. I love to knit but I also love that sense of community that small business can be so good at. So it wasn’t out of the ordinary that I was browsing through my local yarn shop (LYS) and while I was talking to the owner it clicked. This is what I was meant to do – be in a place where I could be creative and surround myself with like-minded people that equally enjoy the experience of knitting and crochet.

After considering the idea for several months about owning my own business I was taken back to my childhood where my family owned the local hardware store and I remembered the satisfaction and connection to community. I knew what I wanted my store to become and it did not yet exist!

Andrew and I would build our own legacy, a knit and crochet shop that would be part of the community; a gathering place for the young and the young at heart.

Why yarn? It's just like a hardware store; tools are tools no matter what your passion.

2007 proved to be the right year for Andrew and I to go forward with our dream. The name would be easy, Apple Yarns. Apples represent the great state of Washington and my Grandma made the best apple pies; Apple Pie Recipe. In 2010 we added an online store.

Today, Apple Yarns is a friendly LYS and online store in beautiful Bellingham WA . We take pride in helping our community build their own legacies; beautiful baby blankets, heirloom hand knitted sweaters and small projects for instant memories.

Please stop by and say "hello" when in Bellingham. 
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                                                                    Andrea & Andrew Evans