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Pacific Knit Co Doodle Cards

Doodle packs are the ultimate way to have Fair Isle FUN.  Choose your motifs and any weight of yarn you want to work in. Customize your project to your hobbies, lifestyle and favorite motifs. Once your order is determined, stack your cards and work charts one at a time, HAVE FUN! 😊

Doodle Packs offer a great adventure in color work and are good for any skill level. 

How it Works:

  1. Choose your construction method 
  2. Choose your doodle charts
  3. Choose your order/colors
  4. Start knitting


-Many include both standard and inverted contrast

-Draw cards at random for an added surprise

-Create your own charts with the same 24-stitch repeat to customize even more!

Additional Information:

54 Card Deck includes:
2 Pattern Instruction Cards
12 Border Chart Cards
2 decks are available - 1 is winter and the other is fall

The Basic Doodle Deck includes simple, geometric motifs that work with any theme! It’s great “companion set” to any other Doodle Deck. This beginner-friendly deck focuses on designs with short floats that are easy to memorize, making it ideal to get started!

Autumn Chart examples include:

  • Lots of Fall Leaves
  • Umbrella & Rainboots
  • Pumpkins & Acorns
  • Spiders, Bats, & Black Cats
  • Witch’s Hat & Caldron
  • Candy Corn & Jack-o-Lanterns

Winter Chart examples include:

  • Snowflakes & Stars
  • Snowmen & Reindeer
  • Pine Trees & Boughs
  • Holly Berries (with bobbles!)
  • Merry wrapping paper
  • Vintage Ski Sweaters

Spring Chart examples include:

  • Butterflies, Bees, & Snails
  • Tulips, Daisies, Mums, and other flowers
  • Winding Vines
  • Valentines Hearts

Summer Chart examples include:

  • Mountains
  • Rivers & Waves
  • Clouds & Rain
  • Octopus
  • Crabs & Lobsters
  • Seaweed & Coral
  • Several Fishes
  • Mermaids
  • Sandcastles

Card Size: All cards are standard playing card size (3.5" x 2.5") and are packaged like a deck of cards with Doodle graphics.

Customer Reviews

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Crystal L.
these are awesome!!

each pack has different patterns all with a base of 24 stitches. cant wait to mix and match patterns for hats and sweater