Our most popular email - Hat Resizing Guide

Our most popular email - Hat Resizing Guide

The Graham by Jennifer Adams is one of my favorite hat patterns.  Here is how I downsized it to a child size.  Please respect Jennifer's great pattern and don't rewrite the pattern and share, she has generously made this pattern free to all of us.

Hat Resizing Guide

  1. Knit a gauge swatch (there's no way around this)
  2. Multiply the stitches per inch by the circumference of the head then minus 1.5" for an adult hat for ease.  This will give you your cast on. For a child hat minus 1" and for an infant minus 1/2".
  3. Refine to fit the stitch pattern of your hat. For example, Knit2, Purl2 for the full round is a 4 stitch, stitch pattern.
  4. Decide how long you want your hat to be. For an adult hat 7" from cast-on, then start your decrease. An infant hat would be 4" from the cast-on edge. For a slightly slouchy adult hat, add an inch to the length in the body of the the hat.

***For a slightly slouchy hat an extra inch in the length of the hat

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