No Need to Guess - Blanket Size Guide

No Need to Guess - Blanket Size Guide

A must have guide for afghan and blanket sizes. The trend we are seeing is that baby blankets are smaller than they used to be.  Baby blankets are no longer recommended when sleeping, they're perfect for the car seat and lovies.  This guide is good for crochet and knit projects.

Tip: If you have a bunch of yarn but no idea what size blanket it will make, work your project diagonally from one corner; increasing until your halfway through your yarn (stash) and then decrease to the opposite end.  You've used all your yarn and made a great blanket. This makes a square blanket.

Check you Picot-Edge Baby Blanket & Washcloth by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

Favorite Yarns for blankets and afghans

Vintage (worsted) or Vintage Chunky - We like both of these yarns, they're washable, have a great collection of colors and they're a pleasure to knit or crochet it.


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