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Meet Andrea, Knitter and Retail Enthusiasts

Meet Andrea, Knitter and Retail Enthusiasts

Hello! I fell in love with knitting back in 2005 when my mother, a passionate fiber enthusiast, was out of town. I learned to knit at our local community college, but I have to admit, it was tough going at first. My fingers just wouldn't cooperate, especially with the long tail cast-on. But I didn't give up! I called my mom a lot, and I visited our local yarn shop, which has sadly closed now. 

Andrea in the first locaiton of Apple Yarns in Bellingham, WA
Fast forward to 2007 and my kids were in school most of the day. I wanted something more, something that would combine my hobby with my love of community. During Knit Night at the local yarn shop, the owner mentioned that she didn't like retail but she loved yarn. Well, I love retail and yarn! I grew up working in my family's hardware store, so I asked for a part-time job. That's how it all began, and now, sixteen years later, Andrew and I are the co-owners and work full time at Apple Yarns. We have the best team to help and inspire you. Our team is friendly, knowledgeable, and always eager to greet each person who walks into our shop with enthusiasm. We're here to help you with your knitting and crochet needs, we want you to feel like part of the AY community. We even place our phone number (360-756-9992) everywhere online so you can reach us anytime you need some guidance. Can you tell I love what I do.
andrea knitting at Cannon Beach
When it comes to my own knitting, I'm a big fan of workhorse yarns like Lettlopi and Ultra Alpaca. My favorite technique is Fair Isle, and I love putting together different color combinations for hats. I'm also a big believer in blocking my projects, blocking boards are my favorite notion.
The Evans family of Apple Yarns 
What I love most about Apple Yarns is our community and our potential for growth. We now operate Apple Yarns, Apple Fiber Studio (our dye house), www.appleyarns.com and several subscriptions. We're proud sponsors of KnittedKnockers.org and in 2024 we are working with seven local charities to create events at Apple Yarns.
Greeting from Apple Yarns in Bellingham, WA
We're more than just a yarn store—we're a place where knitters and crocheters can come together instore and online to share ideas, and feel like they're part of something special. I welcome you to join us anytime. Please check out the Skill Building Club, our newest and most popular subscription combining hand-dyed yarn and online learning.
Skill Building Club at Apple Yarns



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