Are you a yarn collector, I can help.

Are you a yarn collector, I can help.


I will admit here I have never been a yarn collector but I am a pattern collector; we'll talk about that vice another time. Not being a yarn collector also means I get rid of my yarns that don't inspire me.  I am not married to yarns forever; colors and fibers change as I get introduced to more beautiful yarns and there is always new yarns.  Plus, it being January, no closet is safe in our home from my clearing-out skills. I would much rather organize a closet than mop a floor.  

Getting started is the hardest part; quick tips.

  • Really think about what you like to knit/crochet now
  • Analyze the space you have and keep to that
  • Plan how will you store your yarns Pinterest is great for this.
  • Take everything out and look at it individually, only keep what you love (or cashmere, there is always room for cashmere). 
At this point I put those yarns aside and if I don't touch them in a set period of time (6 months) I can guarantee you, I will not miss them and distributing them will be easy peasy. I am on year three of doing this with STUFF I find in closets and it works!

For selling your yarns, notions and books you can try eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy. You can also check out groups on Ravelry, like For Sale and Yarn Sale or Swap. Consider adding a section to your Ravelry stash for items you want to sell or trade. Honestly, all of these take a lot of time, but there is another option: Stash Buster Sale at Apple Yarns.  Every July, knitters and crocheters bring in yarns, notions, and books.  In August we sell them for you.  It really is that easy.

Another great option is gift to another fiber lover. This can be done as a direct gift, yarn swap, my personal favorite a destash party amongst knitter's and crocheters. There is also donating to charities, senior centers, preschools, clubs, and prayer shawl groups. Some groups are eager to receive yarn and others are not, it can be a little discouraging.

Fine-tuning your yarn collection will feel awesome! Now, when you look at your stash, you will see what you love and yarns that inspire you. 

Stash Buster is six months away so this weekend is the perfect time to start. Cheers, Andrea

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