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What do exclusive Apple Yarns T-Shirts and our Community have in common?

Apple Yarns exclusive t-shirts

At Apple Yarns we grow everyday and honestly somedays it's easier to listen than to implement but today I can say I crossed two things off my list. Reintroducing the Apple Yarns T-Shirt Club, now with a coordinating hand-dyed mini-skein. A suggestion direct from a friend in our community.

Tip, you want to join this club before Summer because the price is going up. Get your exclusive Yarn Loving T-Shirt with a coordinating hand-dyed mini-skein of yarn for $25.99 while you can.  As always your subscription stays at the price you purchased it at.  It becomes more of a deal everyday, cancel anytime.

Thank you to everyone in our community who keeps us on out toes.  We are sincere about the word community and welcome you to join us.