How to Build Your Skills

How to Build Your Skills

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If you're eager to enhance your knitting/crochet skills, no matter if you're a seasoned knitter/crocheter or just starting out, these simple tips will get you there. 

1. Choose the right yarn for the project; weight and fiber (local yarn shops are great at this).

2. Patterns and notions need to match your yarn, tools matter.

3. Take the time to gauge swatch, this will save you in the end. Getting measurement from favorite garments at home helps you achieve the perfect fitting sweater.

4. Consider your surroundings; comfortable chair and good lighting are key. Not all projects are meant to be done in front of the TV.

5. Stretch often, playing air guitar is a great way to keep your fingers loose.  MSM Cream for Grace Harbor is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief.

6. #knit20 or #crochet20, taking the time everyday to knit or crochet will improve your skill immensely

7. Community makes a difference; check out your local yarn stores or join Skill Building Club for in person and online community, teaching too.

8. Perseverance is the key to learning and enjoying knitting and crochet.


Skill Building Club, a hand-dyed yarn and education, subscription at Apple Yarns

Skill Building Club Includes:

  • Hand-dyed yarn by Apple Fiber Studio, Apple Crisp - 218 yds, 100% Merino, Worsted Weight. This will be the yarn used most months, so we can use up all of our stash. Yarn will be in hand-dyed semi-solids and multiple colors.
  • 2 classes based on the suggested projects for the month. For example, each month, you'll receive a pattern. The first video class will walk through the suggested pattern; the second class is live and open to questions (this class is also recorded). These are only available to current Skill Building Club members.
  • Printed pattern or pattern suggestions for FREE patterns.
  • The Facebook group is just for Subscription Box members - another great place to ask questions and get answers
  • Skill Building Club can be canceled at any time.
  • VIP pricing is only for the first month.
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