The Most Wonderful Times of the Month

The Most Wonderful Times of the Month

Sensational Sock Club hand-dyed yarn image and quote  Hand-dyed yarn for Apple Yarns subscription Andrea and a variety of Terrific T-Shirts from Apple Yarns Jess with boxes ready to ship for Apple Yarns subscriptions.

Boxing Days for our Clubs are some of our most fun and busiest days at Apple Yarns. The hard work is already done; planning, dyeing of yarn and finding coordinating patterns and notions. Plus, the ordering of shipping materials and prep are behind us.  Shipping now takes longer, for items getting to us and to you, so there's lots of planning. In 2023 we try to have 90 days of product and shipping materials in our new warehouse. Those are our headaches not yours, our goal is for you to receive Happy Mail.

We appreciate our subscribers 😊! Like any subscription services we get cancellations. The difference with Apple Yarns is we handle cancellations with customer service and a smile.  Just give us a call, 360-756-9992 or you can cancel online. Not a big deal, we understand and we know you may come back.  This month 70% of our new subscribers had previously cancelled.  You're always welcome back at Apple Yarns.

Boxing Days are a little crazy but if we have done our jobs right they're also gratifying.  It is so much fun to send and receive Happy Mail.  

Sensational Sock Club is now open.

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