It Is All About The Numbers

It Is All About The Numbers

It has been over 900 days since I have written a post and I am a little embarrassed, but here I am starting at number one again. My goal is to journal what it is like to have three great kids, to live, work and be married to my best friend all while being surrounded by 1,000s of balls of yarn. As long as I am discussing truths, I am at least 20lbs overweight and spend way to much time thinking about that.

Many yarn shop blogs are just about the yarn, but I find that playing with yarn is often more about a lifestyle, so that is what I want to share, my crazy fulfilled life with yarn.

Apple Yarns will soon be celebrating its 12th anniversary. We now manage our brick and mortar, and one dye studio, Apple Fiber Studio. We have five great team members and 1,000's of faithful community supporters; 9,209 likes of Facebook, 1,307 followers on Instagram and over 80,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest. Please join us.

Andrew and I have many dreams for our family and Apple Yarns, but that is another post.

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