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Getting Out of my Yarn Rut

Posted: Oct 22 2019

Yes, even yarn shop owners get in ruts.  I find I do my best knitting when I do a little bit every day but this summer I got distracted with our summer DIY; our pondless waterfall.  We could not have done this without the help and supplies from local small business, Mud Pond Koi.

Today, October 22nd, and it's a gorgeous day followed by 3 days of heavy rain in Bellingham, WA and all I want to do is knit.  This is how I got here.

  1. I organized my needles, I still don't have an organizer but at least they are all tidy and I touched every single knitting needle and crochet hook.
  2. I organized my stash for next years Stash Sale at Apple Yarns; it would have been a good idea to do this the previous July so I would have a gift card from the stash sale to spend but I'm ready for next year and I touched every skein of yarn
  3. Any projects that left me uninspired were matched with new patterns and I touched all my patterns.
  4. Notions were organized and I touched each one.

I think you see my madness I just cleaned and organized my own stash . . . and then I picked up the newest book at Apple Yarns, by Emily Foden and I am once again happy in my many knitting projects.  Cheers, Andrea


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