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Shift Kit with Ultra Alpaca Light

Color: Display
Color 1 Med
Color 2 Med
Color 3 Med
Color 4 Med
Color 5 Med
Color 6 Med
Color 1 LG
Color 2 LG
Color 3 LG
Color 4 LG
Color 5 LG
Color 6 LG

The Shift by Andrea Mowry is a must-knit, easy to wear and a fun to knit. When knitting in Ultra Alpaca Light you get the benefits of both wool and alpaca, plus the solid colors allow you to see the pretty slipped stitches.  This is a great beginner project with enough interest to keep a more experienced knitter engaged, Jessica is on her 10th.

Yarn and electronic pattern included. Let us know if you would like your yarn wound,  we're happy to do it.

Tip - go up a needle size for more drape.

Medium (enough yarn to make the cowl as written) - 3 skeins of Ultra Alpaca Light, 144 yds each, $35.99

Large (extra yarn to make a more generous cowl)- 6 skeins of Ultra Alpaca Light, 2 skeins of each color, 144 yds each, 56.99


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sharon J.
Gorgeous yarn

The yarn is absolutely beautiful…the colors are so rich. I was pleasantly surprised to have the pattern included. I love this yarn shop so much

Sherril S.

I have to go up a needle size to get gauge, and the ad says "go up a needle size for more drape", so I wasn't worried about it. However, I ran out of yarn after completing the 6th section of the pattern, and was told essentially it was "my fault" for knitting too loose or tight, or using the wrong needle, as they had knit numerous cowls, and had enough yarn. I did notice the pattern calls for almost 60 yards more than what was supplied, but whatever. I'm really not happy about having to purchase another kit,.

Mary M.W.

Don’t like the yarn!

Mary I am so sorry, Ultra Alpaca Light is one of our most popular yarns. At Apple Yarns if you don't like something just give us a call, 360-756-9992, our goal is to please.

Sallie A.
My dog loves the skeins!

Lizzy slipped away with one of the skeins, before I knew it. No harm done, however, the dog makes it difficult to work with the yarn. Any suggestions? It sort of funny. But the yarn is wonderful! Can’t wait to start the project!

Sallie, my dog does the same thing. While I'm knitting I keep my yarn in the Ruler Ribbon Project Bags so that, Aree, can't see the yarn. I knit directly from these bags and it has really solved that problem. Thank you so much for the 5★★★★★ review. ❤️❤️, Andrea

MaryEllen H.
I love Kits!!!

I struggle with putting colors together. Purchasing a Kit eliminates my having to do this
The yarn is wonderful, the pattern is included perfect solution for me
I will have a beautiful cowl in beautiful colors

MaryEllen we are so glad you enjoy the kits made by our team. Thank you for the 5★★★★★ review. Cheers, Andrea