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Wicked Chickens Pocket Sasquatch and Yeti Kit

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Wicked Chicken Pocket Sasquatch and Yeti Kit

Yes, you are seeing that correctly. This is a knitted pocket Sasquatch AND Yeti kit. Yup, you get the supplies you need to make both a Big Foot and his cold-weather cousin, a Yeti. Amazeballs, right? We know. We knew you would love it!

These tiny mythical creatures are perfect to give as gifts, or even to make up as party favors (if you can manage to part with the adorableness once you are finished!). Just imagine a lumberjack themed birthday party where all of the guests get to take home a little bigfoot! And, our Pocket Squatch kit comes packaged in a delightful cupcake box, complete with a handle on top, and would make a wonderful gift for a knitting friend, too. You can also use the pattern to make any color and multiple sizes of Squatches and Yetis, depending on what weight yarn you use. This would make the best camping knitting project ever, by the way. Like you are even reading this far since you have already put this kit in your cart and purchased it!