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  • Pocket Pig Kit

Pocket Pig Kit




Wicked Chicken Pocket Pig Kit

Ok, so we all get a good fuzzy feeling about pigs with wings, right? But a knitted, pocket-sized pig with wings takes it up a level to complete and utter awesomeness. Forgive us for being forward, but you absolutely need this in your life and we are sure you know it.

These magical little pigs are perfect to give as gifts, or even to make up as party favors (if you can manage to part with the adorableness once you are finished!). Our Pocket Pig (With Optional Wings) kit comes packaged in a darling cupcake box, complete with a handle on top, and would make a delightful gift for your knitting friend, too. Plus this is a quick and fun knit and you will find yourself making a whole house full of little-knitted flying pigs! Or, if you are not into flying pigs you can easily knit this pig in a more typical way without wings for an equally adorable little creation. You can also use the pattern to make multiple sizes of pigs, with or without wings, depending on what weight yarn you use as illustrated in the last photo. We know, you didn't think this kit could get any better, but it totally did once you found out you could knit all kinds of sizes of pigs, complete with wings or not. 

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