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Wicked Chickens Pocket Llama Kit

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Wicked Chicken Pocket Llama Kit

You know what you need? A little pocket llama. Yup. Since we are both mama-llamas here at Wicked Chickens Yarn, we think llamas are pretty awesome. Do you agree? We thought so. And we especially enjoy all the llama jokes that are circulating around. Want to save your drama for your llama? Then this charming little friend is your perfect pocket companion! It is time for some Llama-love.

These friendly, fuzzy llamas are perfect to give as gifts, or even to make up as party favors (if you can manage to part with the adorableness once you are finished!). Our Pocket Llama kit comes packaged in an adorable light blue cupcake box, complete with a handle on top, and would make a lovely gift for your knitting friend, too. Our delightful little llama comes complete with a brightly colored blanket to drape across its back. Plus this is a quick and fun knit and you will find yourself whipping them out, no prob-llama! You can also use the pattern to make multiple sizes of llama, depending on what weight yarn you use as illustrated in the last photo. We know, you didn't think this kit could get any better, but it totally did once you found out you could knit all kinds of sizes of llama. That "Buy Now" button is right there up to your right...

This kit is packed with pure awesomeness and includes the materials you need to knit 2 small (4-5") Pocket Pals in the round:
Intermediate Knitting Pattern with download link for the pdf version of the pattern
100% Wool Fingering Weight Yarn.
Two sets of 6mm safety eyes
Polyester Stuffing

All you will need to complete your Pocket Pals friend is a US Size 1 (2.25 mm) circular needle, a tapestry needle, 8 removable stitch markers, and scissors! If you are a tighter knitter you might be more comfortable using US Size 2 (2.75mm) needles instead.