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Wicked Chickens Holiday Trio Christmas Kit

Wicked Chickens Wickedly Cute Holiday Trio Christmas Ornaments Knitting Kit 

Are you feeling like you need some more happy in your holiday? You came to the right place! This knitting kit makes three of the most adorable, cheery, and wickedly cute Christmas ornaments, sure to bring a smile to the face of even the grumpiest Scrooge. This is a great gift to knit for your family and friends as a holiday gift, or the perfect gift to give your knitting friends for them to make up themselves. Just watch out leaving them alone under your Christmas tree with your presents: they tend to be rather rambunctious and mischievous!

The kit comes with yarn to knit all three ornaments, with enough left over to knit an extra reindeer, and an additional Santa or snowman. If you use a different color for your second snowman scarf, you should be able to knit two complete sets of ornaments.