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  • Holiday Organizer

Holiday Organizer




Holiday Project Organizer &Time Saving Tips
  • If you sit, you Knit/Crochet; find hidden time, Dr’s offices, standing in line, etc.. Keep an easy project with you at all times.  
  • Bigger Needles & Bigger Yarns; Knit/Crochet smaller items such as ornaments as package decorations on a package of yarn to be completed later.
  • Crochet is faster than Knitting but uses a 1/3 more yarn; use square needles if your hands get tired, they really do make a difference.
  • Not everyone is Knit/Crochet worthy; only give to those that appreciate your time and craft.
  • Use the shortest circular needle possible, less clumsy; invest in the right tools, there is a reason some Addi’s are called Turbo.
  • Continental vs. English, Continental is faster for some but do not change your style months before the holidays; to Knit/Crochet faster you must practice.
  • Enjoy the process of Knitting and Crochet – give the gift of yarn and Knit/Crochet the project later in the year.
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