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Happy to be Home Candle Subscription

Think of this as a monthly gift to yourself, you are deserving.

Candle Lovers and friends of Candle Lovers - Keep your space smelling wonderful with a new seasonal scent each month. Your subscription includes one 7.5oz clean-burning, all-natural soy candle with matches.

The advantage to your 6-month candle subscription is seasonal candles are sent directly to your home for you to use or give as a gift, plus you save money.  Candles are shipped FREE on the first of the month October through March; you will be billed on the 20th, you may cancel at any time.

Happy to be Home candles are simple and beautiful. pure white soy wax--never any dyes--cotton wicks and phthalate and paraffin-free scents. Soy wax allows for a clean burn, leaving a lovely, reusable container behind in the end.

A note about burning:
For best results, let the candle burn at least two hours before extinguishing. This will allow the wax to melt all the way to the edges and result in a cleaner, more efficient burn. Trim your wick before to approximately ¼” before lighting your candle.