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Istex Alafosslopi Yarn

Color: 0008 Light Denim
0005 Black Heather
0008 Light Denim
0010 Denim
0047 Happy Red
0051 White
0052 Black Sheep
0053 Acorn
0054 Ash
0056 Light Grey
0057 Grey
0058 Dark Grey
0059 Black
0085 Oatmeal
0086 Light Beige
0118 Navy
0163 Dark Soft Purple
0709 Midnight Blur
0867 Chocolate
1231 Garden Green
1232 Arctic Exposure
1233 Space Blue
1234 Blue Tweed
1235 Ray of Light
1236 Burnt Orange
1237 Sheep Sorrel
1238 Dusk Red
1239 Winter Morning
1240 Dark Magenta
1242 Oxblood Red
1417 Highland Green
9958 Light Indigo
9959 Indigo
9961 Bordeaux
9962 Ruby Red
9964 Golden
9965 Chartreuse Green
9966 Cypress Green
9967 Teal
9969 Fuchsia
9971 Amber
9972 Ecru
9973 Wheat
9974 Light Grey Tweed
9975 Black Tweed
9976 Beige Tweed
9983 Apple Green
9987 Dark Olive

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Álafosslopi is a thick wool yarn, that is unspun, the oldest wool yarn still in production in Iceland. It is excellent for knitting outdoor wear and super cozy garments. This is a favorite yarn for colorwork and comes in a wide variety of colors, affordable too.
Colors that are not in stock can be drop-shipped directly to you from Istex with no added expense.

Block with a little hair conditioner and your project will be a little softer.  This yarn get softer over time, but it will always be scratchy to some.

Yardage:109 yds. / 100 m
Put Up: Ball, ready to go

Recommended US Needle Size:9 - 10.5 (5.5 - 6.5mm)Hook Size: I - J

Knit Gauge: 13 - 15 sts. per 4 “
Crochet Gauge:

Washing Instructions: Hand wash in cool water and wool soap (Conditioning Wash). Lay flat to dry.

Origin: Iceland

Fiber: 100% Icelandic New Wool Sheen: Matte

Physical Weight:3.5 oz / 100 g Texture: Bulky Woolen-Spun yarn.  It feels dry and grabby.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cheryl B.
Alafosslopi Yarn

Yarn is real easy to work with. Colors are wonderful.

Cheryl, thank you for the 5★★★★★ review of Alafosslopi, I'm knitting in it too. Please share a picture of your project. Cheers, Andrea

Love this yarn- so glad I can get locally!

I am a lopi yarn fan! I love the rustic, sheepy warmth of sweaters knit from it and they hold up for decades. Nothing trendy or precious about it- but tried and true -and tons of beautiful color work patterns!

Natalie, we agree that Lopi is a fabulous yarn to work with and all those colors. Thank you for the 5★★★★★ review, we really appreciate it. Andrea

We've added Alafosslopi, the chunkier yarn to our collection.