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Interested in learning how to Knit & Crochet? Our workshops and events are full of laughter, learning... & yarn.

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Knitting and Crochet Standards

Did you know there's a Craft Yarn Council? They consist of the leading yarn companies, accessory manufacturers, book and magazine publishers, and consultants in the yarn industry and work together to prepare consumer-friendly products for a project to be completed successfully.

Download this handy Standards & Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting booklet from the Craft Yarn Council and find:

  • Crochet Abbreviations Master List
  • Knitting Abbreviations Master List
  • Skill Level Guideline
  • Standard Body Measurements / Sizing
  • Standard Yarn Weight System
  • Sizing for Hooks and Needles
  • Yarn Label Information
  • Designer Standards & Guidelines
  • Industry Standards & Guidelines for Designers
We also find this handy pdf of Laundry Symbols to be quite useful as well.
Laundry Symbols