Clearance - Yarns, Notions that Apple Yarns will no longer carry.

Discontinued - Yarns Lines or specific Yarn Colors of a line that are no long available by the Manufacturer.

1237 Joan of Arc
Serpentina Manos Del Uruguay $22.50 $29.99
Shawl Cuff Apple Fiber Studio $17.99 $25.99
Shoulder Heating Pad Apple Yarns - Knitting - Yarn - Online $25.99 $99.99
Simpliworsted by HiKoo Hikoo Sold Out
Thergonomic Hand-Aids small Bryson $11.25 $15.00
Trendz Tunisian Inercahangable Hook Apple Yarns - Knitting - Yarn - Online $2.99 $5.00
Ultra Pima Paints Cascade Yarns Sold Out
Ultra Pima Yarn Cascade Yarns $9.99